Your Credit Union Partner

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“ELGA Credit Union is fortunate to have found the perfect partner to help us apply for the CDFI grant. Scott helped us understand how the services we provide to so many low-income members are exactly what the CDFI Fund is for. We have learned so much from him! Scott made the application process easy, as he helped us tell our story in a compelling way. We are delighted to have received a CDFI grant to be leveraged 10 times in the next three years. We are grateful for Scott and Alison’s guidance and service!“

Karen Church, President/CEO ELGA CU

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel so fortunate that I found you! Thank you for everything you all are doing to help us! This is amazing and so exciting!” 

Lisa Asadourian, SVP, Chief Engagement Officer, Nutmeg State Financial CU

“You saved my bacon! You ROCK! Thank you, Scott.”

Teri Robinson, President/CEO, PNW Ironworkers FCU 

“Your classes really helped me understand the developmental services better! Thank you for walking us through this journey!”

Karen Church, President/CEO, ELGA CU

“The ROI from Scott and the Your Credit Union Partner team, is tangible and impactful. Scott has been integral in moving our strategic plan forward, having helped us procure secondary capital, our Juntos Avanzamos designation, and for the strategic planning work he has facilitated with our board regarding CDFI education. Scott is hub, facilitating resources and people/organizations to strengthen their strategic initiatives, while also helping others. We consider Your Credit Union Partner a key success factor in our ongoing work at Point West Credit Union.

Amy Nelson, CEO, Point West Credit Union

“Scott has been an invaluable resource for North Side since our introduction to him. He has worked with us on everything from our annual strategic planning, to managing Executive Level staff transitions, to field of membership expansions. He has a good perspective on the pulse of the credit union industry, and is able to drill everything down to be applicable to our specific credit union. I highly recommend working with him – we call him back for strategic planning annually!”

Sarah Marshall, CEO, North Side Community FCU

We had Scott come in and do two sessions for us at our annual meeting in April, 2016. From the get-go, he and Alison were great to work with – very responsive and helpful. As a planner, we appreciate this very much! His evaluations were terrific, with several of our attendees commenting it was “the most beneficial session” or he was “the best speaker” of the entire conference! He presents great ideas with ease, and provides his listeners with excellent suggestions and great pointers. We would rehire him in a minute!”

Drew Kayvani, Education Program Director, Illinois Credit Union League

"Scott is the perfect example of what the credit union industry is all about.  He is resourceful and is willing to collaborate with your credit union to help you succeed.  Your Credit Union Partner is just that; a partner.  He has been a great help to my credit union by providing BSA audits, conducting staff and volunteer BSA training, and even facilitating our strategic planning session.  He is insightful and very knowledgeable about the credit union industry on a national level.  His background experience working at a credit union helps him relate unlike any other vendor to the insider challenges that face us today.  We keep Scott in our circle of valued resources and invite him back regularly. "

Tammy Doles-Roberts, CEO, Olympia Credit Union

“Scott added real value to our planning process for the year. He did an excellent job of both preparation and facilitation of the process. Board feedback noted that this was a “best ever” planning retreat. We came away with specific and measurable goals to work on. I could not be happier!” 

Richard Cooper, President/CEO, Mendo Lake Credit Union

“Scott is part of our team when it comes to the planning process at Greater Abbeville FCU. He brings a tremendous depth of experience and understanding to our strategic discussion and planning process. My volunteers and I have great confidence in Scott, and we feel fortunate to be able to work with him!”

Faye Crocker, President/CEO, Greater Abbeville Federal Credit Union

“Having worked with Scott for many years, I am always impressed with his level of service and commitment to the credit union industry. We consider Scott a partner who has proven to be creative and effective during our strategic planning process, provided helpful guidance during BSA audits and training for staff, and is a valuable resource on current credit union trends and topics. Scott brings an energetic attitude and a passion for the industry that leaves my Board saying, ‘can we have Scott again?’”

Steve Ellis, President/CEO, SnoCope Credit Union

“I first met and heard Scott at the NC Small Credit Union Roundtable in May 2015. After leaving that meeting and while driving home with another employee, we felt like we had to have him come and talk with our Board and staff. His presentation that day in May was centered on the same strategies we were trying to accomplish at our credit union. We were thrilled to have him conduct a planning session for our Board and staff that Fall. Everyone was pleased with his strategic discussions about Acclaim. Scott had researched our credit union and presented to the team things that we were doing right and things we could improve on. He and Alison have provided many resources to help us in our continued efforts as we are fine-tuning our processes. He has followed up on our results and continues to provide assistance in our plans. His guidance has been very valuable, and we are looking forward to his assistance in our credit union’s future.“ 

Valerie Marsh, CEO, Acclaim CU

“I met Scott Butterfield at the CUNA Community Credit Union Conference in 2010 and knew immediately that our credit union needed him on our team. We were a small credit union (less than $30 million in assets), and his knowledge and expertise were just what we needed as a shot in the arm to move out of doing the same thing we had always done. Not long after meeting Scott, I took a new position with a credit union a little larger ($60 million in assets), and discovered he was just as valuable to this group as he had been to the other. My new home (Tuscaloosa Credit Union) had just received our Low Income Designation. Scott facilitated a Planning Session with our Board of Directors and Management Team to help us better understand the benefits to our credit union, and our community leveraging this designation could provide. Through the years I have known him, Scott has become a trusted source, a mentor and most importantly, a friend.”

Amy Price, Development Officer, Tuscaloosa Credit Union

“First Kingsport Credit Union is a smaller credit union in a city of many financial institutions and CUs, including the largest CU in the State of Tennessee. The Board of Directors and I knew that if we were to succeed, we needed an unbiased opinion to base our future on. Scott Butterfield was hired to facilitate our 2012 planning session. During the planning session, Scott identified the things that we were doing correctly and set us on a path to enhance our niche. We are now a ‘can-do’ CU with a lending plan that helps current and future members break the habit of predatory lenders. Hiring Scott Butterfield was the best decision that the management team has made for First Kingsport Credit Union in many years! He has helped us develop new policies, rewrite our existing policies, complete our ALLL evaluation, etc. I am sure that we will continue to work with Scott for many years. He has been a breath of fresh ideas for First Kingsport Credit Union. He is a seasoned professional, and I am proud to call him my friend!” 

Beverly Boling, CEO, My Horizon Credit Union


“We have used Scott Butterfield’s services for various areas including a Management planning session prior to our Board Strategic Planning session, and staff ‘sales and service culture’- and ‘philosophy night’-type sessions. Needless to say, Scott is a pleasure to work with and VERY energetic! Our Board was also very pleased with his delivery of information, and his abundant amount of resources. Our staff enjoyed him as well, as they commented for days about his passionate presentations.

Scott was a key reason why we were able to move along our Low Income Designation approval as fast as we did (started and completed within a month)! He has also helped us with providing contacts for our CDFI certification process as well. I will definitely continue utilizing his services.” 

Suzy Fonseca, CEO, Lower Valley Credit Union


“I’m not sure how I first made contact with Scott Butterfield, but I am so glad that I did. Scott was my opening speaker at the NJ Credit Union League’s 2011 Small Credit Union Conference. While his knowledge was top-notch, it was his passion for small credit unions that resonated with the group. Scott was a pleasure to work with and because of his professionalism and rave reviews from our folks, I am having him speak at our 2013 Annual Meeting and Convention. We keep in touch through social media and I would highly recommend Scott – he is a true find!”

Barbara Agin, VP Member Experience & Education, New Jersey Credit Union League


“As a former Education Director, Scott Butterfield was a dream-come-true presenter. He had high marks from all who attended his sessions; best of all, he was easy to work with and was very flexible to fit our needs. We liked him so much, we hired him to also present webinars to our members. I would highly recommend Scott Butterfield as a presenter or to assist your organization with their training needs. He gets five stars in my book!“ 

Amy Johnson, Director of Education, Credit Unions of the Dakotas’


“Scott’s devotion and efforts to educate and guide credit unions through rapidly changing conditions is widely known and respected in the industry. Scott is a straight-shooter with the goal to help credit unions identify and correct their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths.”

Dwight Johnston, CA/NV League of Credit Unions


“I have known Scott for nearly 20 years and have hired him for projects, presentations, and compliance issues. I have always found him to be helpful and thorough. His facilitations have been complete and thought provoking. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any project that he says he can do“ 

Ed Danz, CEO, EvergreenDirect CU

“My staff and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Your Credit Union Partner for more than five years. Scott is not only one of the most knowledgeable men I have met, but a strong, devoted supporter of the credit union philosophy of, ‘members helping members.’ At GRANCO, ‘our members are our family,’ and that is how we treat them. Scott understands the importance of relationships, as well as fiscal responsibility. Whatever the need, he is one of the first people we contact, and we highly recommend Scott to anyone who wants their credit union to be a success while providing what your members need and want. Thank You Scott!”

Roger Johnson, CEO, Granco Federal Credit Union

“The first time I met Scott Butterfield was at a Carolina Credit Union League conference. I sat in his meeting and realized how different he was from a lot of speakers. He had walked the walk, talked the talk growing up in and working in credit unions, and his compassion just flowed. He knew how the CEOs of small credit unions had to wear a dozen or more hats every day. Scott more than anything realized that credit unions have our own niche, and helped us to realize just what that niche is and figure out how to be very good at it. We had him for our very simple and down-to-earth planning session last fall and are scheduled again this year. Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee felt so comfortable with Scott, and we made great progress. They also commented they had never had anyone so interesting. It was such a pleasure to work with him, and looking forward to our next planning session. You are ‘simply the best,’ Scott!”

Isaaileen Rankin, CEO, Spartan Federal Credit Union